Friday 23 March 2012

Friday treats

I had Friday off today. I had treats yesterday, but I decided to treat myself today too. There is a sandwich shop which I used to go to when I was unemployed or working in the town I live. I bough what I used to buy: chicken sandwich with real, authentic mayonnaise (read: no Miracle Whip), some carrots with dips to go with it and a Coca Cola for the drink. I had it very late, at nearly 4 o'clock, watching The Wire. Which I had been watching all day. Then in the early evening, I went to the local pub, where I used to go to when I was unemployed, and I had some real ales (two half pints). Now I am going to watch more of The Wire. This is pretty much a perfect, blissful Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly, and I sure that it was even better knowing it was a working day for most other people. Besides simple pleasures are always the best, and for some, real mayonnaise:-)