Friday 2 March 2012

Friday treats

I didn't have sandwich at lunch time, like I usually do, I had pizza instead, as there was some free from a big, big buffet at work. So I had pizza leftovers and room temperature Coca Cola. But tonight, as I didn't want to cook anything, I had sub sandwich from, well, Subway. With more Coca Cola.

I have ambivalent feelings about Subway. I discovered it in the 90s, it was the big thing for students in Montreal and Chicoutimi, especially after a night of drinking, or if one was feeling lazy on a weekday and didn't want to make dinner. Depending of the franchise restaurant (if one can call it a restaurant) and the competence of the staff, I could get a decent sub or something absolutely disgusting. My brother PJ once purchased one during the ice storm of 1998. The guy at the till sprayed salt and pepper on... the middle of the sub. So as my brother said, it tasted "nothing, nothing, nothing, salty/peppery, nothing, nothing, nothing." That was the case of most of my experiences with Subway: greasy, oily, salty, overstuffed sub sandwiches. But tonight I was hungry and tired, so I gulped the usual steak sandwich I have there, with various mustard and lots of stuffing. And I enjoyed it.


Cynthia said...

I was so sick in San Francisco after eating a Tuna Sandwich at Subway's that I have not set foot in one of their store ever again. This makes me kind of sad though because I used to enjoy it!

mishshell said...

I've had good experiences at Subway so far. Its definitely a go to for a quick lunch.

Happy Friday!

PJ said...

J'y vais trop souvent (une fois par semaine plus ou moins) parce que je suis paresseux des fois et pour le lunch, c'est un bon rapport quantité-prix (pas vraiment de qualité, ça n'est pas complèment dégueux mais c'est pas génial) et c'est pas loin.

Mais je ne demande plus de sel ou poivre (c'est pas bon pour les artères) pour rien. Et je fais toujours griller le sandwich. Froid, c'est pas mangeable.