Sunday 4 March 2012

Pulp fiction cover for March

I nearly forgot last month's pulp fiction cover. So I am uploading one early on for this month. This is from Detective Tales of course. As March is a dramatic month, I wanted to upload a very dramatic one. There was plenty to choose from. I hesitated, pondered, then decided to go for this one.

So you have a damsel in distress again, tied down to a boiler which seems about to blow up. She does not seem to be worried to the slightest. Maybe she is just numb. You see two villains, but there are at least three, as the hero, squared jaw as usual, is shooting at someone outside the image. There are two visible villains on the cover: the huge, bulky ruffian hurling a shovel and his master, an overly elegant villain like the one I uploaded last December. This one though looks more rough: he might have the same dark suit, but he is stronger, has bigger face with a full beard, and a receiding hairline which makes his forehead looks larger. I am not going to even try to imagine a story like I did last time. The cover is way too over the top for me to even try. But it is still enjoyable to look at.

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Anonymous said...

The hero in this one reminds me a bit of James Bond, fighting off multiple villians as the damsel is about to get blown up/mangled/eaten by sharks:-) It's a fantastic cover.