Thursday, 29 September 2011

What's your poison?

An acquaintance asked me this question a few months ago in a local pub and it got stuck in my mind. I thought about it again today, it crept to the surface. I seldom go in local pubs now, I am too busy during the week and too tired during weekends. I like this question, it is polite, friendly, yet it is a warning, albeit a pleasant and mocking one. It is a nice way to offer to pay for a drink. My poison that time, and all the time, is of course beer. Real ale preferably.

Beer is my poison of choice, but I haven't been properly intoxicated with it for ages. I think the last time I was somewhat drunk was in March 2009. But back in my twenties, oh that was a different story. I didn't get drunk every night of course, even then my liver couldn't take it, but I could drink regularly, say one beer before dinner and a glass of wine or two during dinner. Now it is a Friday treat. I rarely go back into drinking on a daily basis, except on holidays. I love to try local products and when I am home I rediscover old friends (and find new ones). I am glad it never became an addiction, although there might have been a risk at some point in my life (but then who doesn't have a flirt with alcoholism?). Life would flavourless without poisons. And now I am wondering: what is yours?


Anonymous said...

Jouer à la guerre!
Tous les styles. Cowboys/indiens
et autres

PJ said...

Le Coke malheureusement. Ça devrait être du vin.

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Hmmmm....interesting! Sometimes I like to fancy myself 'addiction proof' because I've never found anything that I couldn't and/or wouldn't put away completely if I thought it might be any kind of problem for me. I don't really like the taste of alcohol at all. If and when I drink, I usually drink beer....wimpy, lite, 55 calorie beer at that...ha! If I drink alcohol, it has to be in a mixed drink, and I have to be unable to taste the alcohol in it. Therefore, I'll usually go with a Vodka drink since you can't really taste it. But I just don't like the taste of any of it enough to drink often. I've tried things....but nothing ever really sticks or becomes all consuming enough to be considered an addiction. About the only thing that I can't seem to quit, although I've honestly never Salt and Diet Mnt. Dew...ha! More specifically Caffeine! So maybe that's my addiction...I drink a lot of caffeine in a day. But now I feel completely boring and uninteresting because I have no monkeys on my back. :o)

suzanne said...

For me, it changes with the seasons. In the summer and fall, definitely beer. And I like to try different varieties. As the weather gets colder, I find myself switching more to wine. I'm not a lover of hard liquor, although I am making an exception for my skull-head vodka. :)