Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Sound of Silence

I watched the 9/11 ceremonies on TV today. Paul Simon from Simon & Garfunkel sang The Sound of Silence. Strangely enough, I had this song in the head these last few days. It was a fitting song for the remembrance day. I thought Simon looked really fragile and broken. I don't easily cry, but I was very close to tears then.

I associate this song with The Graduate, and September days when I was getting back to university, feeling solitary. It is a song about solitude in a crowd, something we all felt at some point or another. This is how many of us felt that day I think. The Future by Leonard Cohen is for me the song of 9/11 and the new era that the atrocity gave birth to. But this one is appropriate for grief and closure.

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Anonymous said...

A beautiful song and a beautiful post Guillaume. Thank you.