Monday, 5 September 2011

Musing on mayonnaise (yes, really)

I quickly got inspired today, in spite of my fears of yesterday. Maybe not the most pleasant experience for inspiration, but there you go. It is going to be a lighter post, in tone at least.

So today at work, I went to the nearest sandwich shop to buy myself lunch. I ordered a chicken mayonnaise sandwich, the kind I love and makes me feel better after feeling gloomy. I loooove chicken mayonnaise sandwich, when it is well made. This one was not. I don't know if the chicken was bad. I honestly cannot say. But it had more mayonnaise than chicken, more mayonnaise than bread even. It was a disgusting mess. I love mayonnaise. I have it on chips, with potatoes, with chicken, with eggs, with raw vegetables as dips. But that was too much. And it was not good mayonnaise. I think I could have eaten it without a problem had it been good mayonnaise.

I make my own mayonnaise, when I have time and plenty of things in the fridge to eat it with. I published the recipe here in French. I will publish it in English one day, promise. Knowing how to make mayonnaise is a useful skill. It made me discover things about acting. Mayonnaise is one of the greatest invention of gastronomy. it is simple, rich, it has a subtle yet rich taste and it just makes you feel good, even though sometimes it might make you feel nauseous. When it is bad one, of course you are going to feel nauseous. So the moral of the story is: I better make my own next time.


PJ said...

C'était peut-être de cette abomination qu'on appelle Miracle Whip, ou une imitation tout aussi cheap.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Guillaume you are a man of many talents.. and surprises!

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

I've never heard of a Chicken/Mayonnaise sandwich before this post. Unless of course it's just a fried/grilled chicken with mayo on the bread....that I've heard of. My Mom eats mayo on her fries too. I like it, but I prefer vinegar or ketchup on my fries. I do love me some mayonnaise though....but ONLY the good kind that is REAL mayonnaise. We have a disgusting 'mayonnaise food' imposter here called 'Miracle Whip' and that stuff is totally disgusting! Blech! Sorry your Mayo Sandwich was yuck! :o(

Guillaume said...

@PJ-Sans doute. Que des gens préfèrent ça à la vraie affaire, ça prouve la profonde mort de la culture gastronomique dans certaines civilisations.
@Gwen-Thank you. To be honest, I am a Jack of all trades, master of none. But I do make good mayonnaise. And I got a nice singing voice. And I am talented but undeveloped as an actor.
@Wendy-It tasted like Miracle Whip more than authentic, proper mayo. As I said to my brother PJ above, Miracle Whip is a sign of the death of gastronomical culture in some civilisations.