Saturday 17 September 2011

Acting and singing (this topic again)

I stopped quickly at the local fayre today. It seems that there is always one here or nearby. This was a local "carnival", but didn't really feel like a carnival. There were just a few tents, with charity organisations and local societies giving leaflets and selling things. I didn't stay long, but long enough to visit the kiosks of the local operatic society and the local drama society. I thought I might as well, since I miss acting. It will not be any time soon, but I am not sure those two groups are quite right for me.

Maybe I am being snobbish, but the operatic society seems to be doing exclusively musicals and, while I have nothings against musicals per se, I want to do opera. I know my voice probably does not have the strength to sing say Don Giovanni, but even as an amateur among amateurs, one can perform at least some classical arias in a concert. Maybe not all, but some. The drama society seems to be more interesting,and most people there seem quite older than me, but that's a good thing: I have something to offer. And it's quite pleasant, at 34, to be called "young man". But the next auditions will not happen any time soon (they make two productions a year), so I will not hold my breath. They might do a stage version of Allo Allo! which could be quite fun, but I am not sure I'd like to play for two hours an English cliché of a French person, even for a comedy. I didn't fell in love with those yet and I fell in love straight away and completely with all the acting/singing courses or productions I have been in. So I don't know.

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