Sunday, 25 September 2011

A chronicle or a self-portrait?

A question that came to my mind recently, about blogging: is a blog a chronicle or a self-portrait? I guess it depends of the blog. So I will rephrase my question and split it into two: is my blog, is your blog a chronicle or a self-portrait? It has elements of both: it gives account of current events in one's life in chronological order (it follows the seasons as I say), albeit sometimes tells stories set in the past in no particular chronological order (in my particular case those many nostalgia posts I produce). Then there is the other aspect of blogging: one talks about himself, what he likes and dislikes, his interests and also trivial things that come to his mind (like this post, for instance). It therefore gives some sort of psychological self-portrait. I sometimes wonder if one could identify me in the street after reading this blog.

Maybe a blog is in fact an unauthorised autobiography.


Anonymous said...

We might recognise you in the street juggling a pile of ghost stories, or a few pumpkins:-) I tease but this a most thought provoking quote. But as much as you reveal of yourself, just as much remains unwritten or not shared. No autobiography is a complete picture of a person, just the parts they want us to see. So perhaps then as a writer, or blogger you are not as recognisable as you may imagine you are.

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

In your case....I say NO! I am absolutely certain I'd never know who you were in person. Even though, I do get to know a lot about your likes and dislikes through your blog. You are still pretty much a mystery...ha! But you like that makes you good by me! ;o)

Cynthia said...

I guess it's more like a chronicle since most of us keep the dark stuff hidden.