Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A gallery of friends

I was wishing happy birthday in Italian (showing off?) to an Italian friend (duh!) on Facebook, someone who was not among my group of Italian friends and whom I lost contact with now, except via Facebook. I just said "buon compleanno", but I felt a bit strange, which I often do when I get in touch via Facebook with someone I haven't kept contact with. I often think Facebook is a gallery of faces, many of them belonging to people that don't exist in my life anymore.

I find it strange that I have friends there which I only met briefly, two weeks in 2008 when I was doing one of the lousiest jobs I ever had (telemarketing). We were all in the same boat, all more talented, more deserving than what we were forced to do and it created a bond that is still present, that I can feel when they comment on my Wall. I do miss them. I miss my Italian friends even more I have to say. Sadly, I did not keep in touch with my friends from my acting class. Not at all. After all the promises, the very strong bond that is creating by sharing an art, nothing happened. We had one dinner. That was it. From my childhood and teenage years, I keep in contact with only a few friends.

A shame, really, but it is very difficult to keep in touch. More so when friends are basically all around the world. It is great to have people from so far away and from so many different cultures that you can call your friends, but they don't exactly live next door... So I am stuck with visiting the gallery of friends that is Facebook, and with my memories.


suzanne said...

This is what I like most about Facebook. It allows you to remain connected, however occasionally or sometimes superficially, to people who have disappeared from your daily life and whom you might never have seen again.

Anonymous said...

I think that the reason Facebook is so hugely popular is that we are meant to live in a tribe,or community, to feel part of something, that we belong somewhere. Out modern lifestyles often dilutes, and erodes relationships, and friendships sadly. But this post reminds me of a poem I read long ago, and the opening line has always stuck in my head. (I had to Google the rest:-)

Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.
New-made friendships, like new wine,
Age will mellow and refine.
Friendships that have stood the test-
Time and change-are surely best;
Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray;
Friendship never knows decay.
For 'mid old friends, tried and true,
Once more we our youth renew.
But old friends, alas! may die;
New friends must their place supply.
Cherish friendship in your breast-
New is good, but old is best;
Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.