Tuesday 26 October 2010

Waiting for my lines

I promised that I would blog about my return to acting. So far notthing has really happened. Eager to know if I had to prepare something before the first class, I emailled the head of the school. I hope I didn't create a fuss, but it appears that there is no preparatory work required. It is a different approach than the one I am used to. I only had one proper acting course, but we had to find a monologue to read before the first class. And of course, when I played on stage, there was already a text which I had to prepare. I am not used to this, but I find it quite interesting that I will be taken "raw", so to speak. I will have to wait for my lines. Maybe they will never come, maybe we will have to act on no particular text. Who knows?

Oh, and I remembered that I have one more play in English here: Amadeus by Peter Shaffer. I kind of hope I can use some of the plays I have here for the course.

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The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

I can't believe that you aren't scared or nervous at all. That would give me the worst butterflies in the stomach...not knowing what is going to happen. I loathe surprises! Of course, I dislike being in front of people in general...so your whole acting class sounds extremely scary to me...ha! I hope it is everything you are hoping it to be though, so you can report back lots of good things. But if not...then just report back the bad things...ha! Either way...it's all good! ;o)