Monday 11 October 2010

A cat on the roof

We went this weekend to see my brother-in-law, his wife and niece. We always have a pleasant time there. My niece didn't always like me, but now she accepted me as family (I get quite moved when she talks about me as her uncle). And they have a cat, a feline with a fiery ochre fur, lean and elegant like those hunters are.

We spent the night there, not in an attic room but still above ground floor, in a guest bedroom. The window was right by a narrow roof. We were woken up in the morning by some plaintiff meowing. I knew it was the family cat, my wife thought at first it was our niece being upset. I opened the door, thinking that the cat wanted to get in, but he was not at the door. We soon discovered that he was standing on the roof, right by the window, meowing endlessly, asking to let him in. We did, struggling with the window and blinds. The cat got in and decided to curl up on my pillow and have a nap there, looking at me with aristocratic irony. He seemed to say: "I know you find me adorable, sucker".

Cats are superior creatures, I said it before and I stand by it. This one in particular has an amazing intelligence. He did not know we were spending the night there, yet when he came back from a night of hunting, he goes straight by our bedroom to let him in, then he takes control of the place and we are even grateful that he does. I think he is actually the master of the house. He would probably be master of this house if he was our cat.


PJ said...

Je suis sûr qu'il a choisi ton oreiller parce qu'il savait qu'il était tout chaud après usage... Les chats ne sont vraiment pas cons.

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Ha...they are always in control aren't they? That's really a cute story. I think cats are drawn to you Guillaume. And this one....well he's a beautiful specimen indeed! :o)

suzanne said...

Heheh! He looks quite comfortable on that pillow.

Eugene Head said...

Hmm. I think the cat is used to coming in there… it probably didn't know that you were coming so it just made its way in. Cats have their daily routines. I know it 'coz we have a lot in our house! They don't care about what's happening in their surroundings unless it would cause them and their owners harm.