Tuesday 5 October 2010

A social life of sorts

Thinking about it yesterday, I discovered that there is another reason why I finally decided to do acting again: I need a social life, or some seem of it. My wife have a fair deal of friends she can see here, friends from work, friends from her years at uni, friends from childhood even, when she is lucky and they are around. In my case, most of my friends are on the other side of the Atlantic and the nearest ones are up in Liverpool. I like my job all right and I like my colleagues, but none of them are my friends and I don't see this changing in the near future. I rarely mix friendship and work anyway, it is not my kind of cocktail. My social life is pretty poor, if one thinks about it. While I am not exactly a very social person, I still like to speak to people sometimes with the same interests as me.

And there is also the particular aspect of the acting crowd: we share something that is difficult to share with anybody else. I say this and I did not keep the people I knew from my acting course in Montreal as friends, but I enjoyed their company when I was doing the course. And even if I was not making any friend, there would still be the interaction with people, sharing the same love of acting. I am naturally a shy person and the stage has always been for me the privileged place for me to express myself, but also to actually be a social creature.


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Being a introvert by nature, I can't at all embrace the concept of acting because the very thought of it is terrifying. But I am always impressed when otherwise 'shy' people are able to overcome that with acting. You'll be so busy and social soon that you won't have to time to blog anymore! :o)

Guillaume said...

You know, most actors are naturally shy. And don't worry about me not having time to blog: when I get active, I might blog less, but I find more interesting topics.