Tuesday, 20 August 2019

I saw the local Travelodge

Before I start this post, a quick disclaimer: H.P. Lovecraft was born on this date and not on the 19th of August, as I mistakenly blogged yesterday. No idea how I made such error. I knew the exact date. Moral of the story: I need holidays. Talking of holidays, I saw last weekend the new local Travelodge. I blogged about it about a month ago. I did not go in it, just quickly had a look at the outside. It is further away from the train station than I thought, right by a business estate. Not the most picturesque setting for a hotel, but it is a Travelodge and thus the rooms will be cheap and it is still at a reasonable walking distance from the centre of town. I slept in a Travelodge once in my life. It was not the fanciest hotel, but I have seen far worse. At least the room was clean and comfortable. I kind of hope that the presence of this new Travelodge at a few minutes walk from our home will convince some friends to visit us.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've stayed in a few Travelodges over the years and you're right -- a decent enough place to stay. And any hotel that's brand new has that going for it, at least for the first few years.