Thursday 30 June 2016

New sacrecrows

I blogged before about the scarecrows my wife and I bought for the garden of our new home. Well, my wife went to Home Bargains yesterday and bought two more. Much bigger and at £0.99 each, instead of £2.50. At less than a quid each, it is truly indeed a bargain. We bought far more exciting/useful things before and have far more to buy, but the scarecrows will be my favourite acquisitions. They are unimportant in themselves and there are no crows to scare or nothing to attract them, but they will give the garden and house a bit of originality. And they look so beautifully autumnal. especially the one you see on the top left, which is my favourite.

That said, the one on the bottom right is not bad either. It has less autumn leafs and more sunflowers, which makes it autumnal enough. He has less fiery red/yellow colours, with a blue apron. I say he, but maybe it's a she, we will need to decide/settle that. We also need to give them names. The first one was named Rusty, the second one Rosie. I think the one with the fiery colours will be easier to name, the one with the blue might get challenging. But anyway, I am curious about your suggestions. Any ideas? I will also give you some news about their new home and ours.

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