Saturday 25 June 2016

A Martini with a twist

I had this drink in one of the pubs of York, which one exactly I cannot remember. It came free with the meal. You can maybe recognize that it is a sort of Martini, although it does not really have the colour of one. In fact, its tropical and summery colours makes it look far more sickening than a traditional Martini would. It is a Porn Star Martini and it tastes as tacky as it looks as it sounds. And it comes with a shot of... Champagne or Prosecco (there it was Prosecco), in case it was not decadent enough. When I was a younger man, I tried to discover cocktails and in the end decided it was not really my thing. When I tried this one, it just confirmed my thought. But it looks very summery, so I thought I'd upload the picture here and bring you a bit of... A bit of tropical sickening cocktail in your day?

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

What the hell is that floating in it? Ewww.