Sunday 19 June 2016

D&Dr during summertime

As I blogged last Christmas, my brothers have scanned every character sheet and maps of our Dungeons & Dragons campaign and have put them into Dropbox. So we can play in our campaign wherever we are. We have not started doing so just yet, except briefly when we met in Montreal, but I consult sometimes the material and recently it reminded me of the games we played during summertime. During the season, we played our games mostly during rainy days and evenings, for obvious reasons, roleplaying being an activity done mostly inside and in basemen. Although we did, sometimes and to my parents chagrin, played on a sunny day. if autumn and winter are the two seasons I consider best for an atmospheric game of D&Dr, the Summer holidays gave us plenty of time to play. If it was not the most fertile time for inspiration, we've had a few nice moments. Wandering through a forest during summertime, sometimes under a bright sun, other time under the shadows of old trees, make for great encounters and brilliant atmosphere. Like the Dragon Magazine number 110 cover by Kevin Davies, called The Vanquished Cavalier. This image is to me the perfect embodiment of a summertime D&Dr story. Revealed by the light of the season, tragedy and danger.

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