Monday 27 June 2016

The Totnes Bookshop

I recently blogged about the coming in our quiet little town of a new bookshop. I am really looking forward to it, especially since it is an independent bookshop. I love all bookshops, but independent ones even more so, especially since they are so rare. And it reminded me of another one that I have visited in the not so distant past: the Totnes Bookshop. During our holiday in Devon, we did not visit the place often enough, but I insisted on going there at least once. We did not buy many books, except a few about local folklore (more on that in a future post), it was nevertheless a lovely visit, with a friendly staff of one (the owner?). I even took a picture of its inside (but strangely not its outside). Totnes is a very hippy town with many independent businesses and a relatively small number of big chains. It made sense that the town has its own bookshop. I live in a far less hippy town and contrary to Totnes there are many chains here. A local bookshop will be a welcome change of scenery. More than a business, it is a cultural gathering place for the whole community. I can barely wait.

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