Friday 17 June 2016

A new local bookshop

Here is a bit of local good news I got from my wife today: there will be a new bookshop in town. This is in fact great news. We have second hand charity bookshops and a WH Smith, which is basically a glorified stationary shop. But now it is official, we will have a real bookshop with apparently a real selection of books. Better even, it will almost be an independent shop. I say almost as it is part of a chain. So it is set to open a branch here. But it does label itself as "independent booksellers." From what I read, it will be of decent size and will keep the franchise aspect discreet, as it will not be called by the chain's name but by something else. I have been wanting a proper bookshop here for ages, I had stopped hoping for one as the businesses opening were all overpriced boutiques. I will not complain if it is part of such a small chain. It will only be ready in a couple of weeks, but I cannot wait to start book hunting in this future new local bookshop.

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Nellie said...

It is hard to keep me away from a good book store! I know you will enjoy it. So glad you are singing to that baby!:-)