Monday 25 March 2013

The Dark Side of the Moon

I thought I would blog tonight about the upcoming Easter, as it is the Holy Week and all, but I discovered today, one day late, that it was the 40th year anniversary of the UK release of The Dark Side of the Moon. So I ditched my Easter post. But not quite, I guess, as my intention was/is to show Easter in a different light. Or a different darkness. Pink Floyd made psychedelic music that could easily be considered religious or spiritual. Psychedelic is, in essence, spiritual. Or as spiritual as something can be for a Godless heathen like me. Pink Floyd is also, maybe more so, existentialist. And existentialism is what replaced Christianity in my way of seeing the world in my late teen. And it mentions a rabbit in Breathe, so it is sort of Easter related. Okay I am stretching things here. I could also say it has ten songs, like the Bible has Ten Commandments. Stretching again, but not nearly as much as saying it is linked to The Wizard of Oz. I have decided to upload tonight Brain Damage and Eclipse. Maybe Breathe would have been more appropriate, what with its rabbit digging holes to catch the sun (son?), and this verse about an early grave. But I did upload Breathe on Vraie Fiction before and these two tunes have, well, the dark side of the moon and the eclipse. So enjoy.


Cynthia said...

One of the best album ever made!

The Gill-Man said...

Agree with Cynthia. One of the best albums ever. Such an incredible work, from start to finish.