Sunday 31 March 2013

Easter memories

It has been a quiet Easter and a surprisingly low in sugar one, because of a chocolate shortage. In moments like this, I wish I was home, in the Saguenay region, where I could get the best Easter chocolate figures one could dream of, just like the ones you see on the picture on your right. These ones are from the Père trappistes (and from their Facebook page), although most of the time we bought them from Lulu. We were lucky when it came to chocolates in Saguenay. Getting the chocolate figure (one for each brother) and some extra goodies (Laura Secord's eggs, Lowney's eggs, etc.) was the highlight of Easter.

We often had an Easter brunch, either at home when we received family or, later, at Le Privilège, where there was a special Easter brunch. I remember those more, I even remember during my first year at university traveling from Montreal to Chicoutimi partially to be celebrate Easter with my family at the Privilège. Easter during my university years were not as fun, as it often happened during the end of years exams, or just before they started.Before we used to go to restaurants for Easter brunches I enjoyed Easter meals mainly for the chocolates and desserts. Traditionally, Québec's Easter meals had ham as mains. And I hate ham. I often had boiled eggs instead. Simple but fitting, and much better. I also used to eat an omelet the Saturday evening before, as I used to make Easter eggs: they had to be emptied first, keeping the shell intact. We also made our own filled chocolate eggs. I guess Easter, like most holidays, is more exciting when you are a child.

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