Friday 29 March 2013

Roman Passover

This is another Easter related post, with a twist. Today is Good Friday, which is a strange name for a day when Jesus was supposedly executed by Roman law. He died following the Passover. Passover is also the title of the first episode of the HBO historical drama Rome. It is one of those TV series I really love and I blogged before about it on a few occasions. The episode is aptly titled, as it pictures the events after the death of Julius Caesar. It is about the passage of power when the one who held power was destroyed because of it, only for his power to remain potent from the grave. This is one thing Jesus and Caesar share. So I decided to upload here the scene when Mark Antony manages to manipulate the assassins of Caesar in exchange for... Well, you'll see. The conspirators will end up there. But before then, leading to it, there is this brilliant scene of manipulation (with some violence too near the end, be warned, it was a bloody series):

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