Sunday 24 March 2013

The Creative Process

This is another picture from the Anthony Burgess Foundation, one of the typewriters of Anthony Burgess. Not a very good one I'm afraid, I took it using my phone. I am shamelessly using the pictures I took on my last trip in Manchester. Once upon a time, writers used typewriters like this one. I could have used a picture of a computer, but the typewriter has some kind of romantic, old fashioned charm. I was re-watching the vlog of Lucia Cox about her way to work, and it made me think of the creative process. I am looking for certain methods and rituals to get the juice running, whether it is to blog or to write ''real'' fiction (I am trying my hand at crime fiction, but very sporadically).

What struck me in Lucia Cox's blog is how much creativity is a question of comfort: you need a nice seat and warm clothes (or light ones in summer). I avoid alcohol in general, except in very moderate quantities. Writing for me involves tea to stay awake during daytime and rooibos in the evening. I do often have a movie, a TV series (guess which one) or music in the background. Music is often Mozart or some old rock, or some movie soundtrack. I end up not watching/listening, but it gives some good vibes. I think the creative process should involve chocolates, or cakes, or chocolate cakes, for a boost of energy and endorphin. Something I probably need to work on.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I learned how to type on a heavy old typewriter like that. Seems like a million years ago now.

Guillaume said...

I remember using a typewriter back in the early 90s, I never thought I could type without learning. The computer changed our lives dramatically.

Gwen Buchanan said...

oh yes, chocolates and a coffee too with foamed milk and choc. shavings always makes things better.

but I do like tea too. something warm and comforting.

Cynthia said...

I can only write with very specific pens and for creative writing I'm more at ease with a pen and paper than a computer.