Monday 11 March 2013

A house, a play, a pilgrimage

This is another post about Anthony Burgess, I hope my readership does not mind a third post on my favourite author in such a short period of time. I blogged recently about the adaptation of One Hand Clapping by House of Orphans, in association with the ABF. Logo of the theatre and film production company on your right, I uploaded it here because I just love it and because the black and white fits Vraie Fiction so well. So anyway, I have purchased my ticket today and I will see the play. I could not pass this opportunity. I get goosebumps watching the second vlog of Lucia Cox. I envy the actors (as always), yet I am so grateful for them for giving us this play. So I will have my pilgrimage in Manchester, visit the Foundation in its new buildings, have a meal in its café (or at least a drink or two!) and will book shop in the mean time like a kid in a candy store.


Anonymous said...

Your pilgrimage sounds like a slice of heaven. Enjoy every moment of it:-)

Guillaume said...

Thank you, it was amazing.