Friday 29 December 2023


So we have a word of the day today: solastalgia. I learned about it in this article from Vox. It is the nostalgia from the snows of yesteryear and snowy Christmases. Because of global warming, it has become increasingly a thing of the past. Even in the Saguenay region where I am from, they did not have a proper white Christmas this year, the first time since... Well, since I was born I think. This is bordelrine tragic. Herein the UK, I can still count on the fingers of one hand the years we had snow round Christmastime. So yes, it is really depressing. And I have a big case of solastalgia. Maybe that's why the post-Christmas blues isn't so hard this year. But it still sucks all the same. Maybe it sucks even more.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Solastalgia was strong here in Edmonton too, where we also had a brown Christmas -- our first since 2005.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i told my daughter that i am giving it one more year before i panic. if we have a warm winter next year,i might have to head north. very far north!