Saturday 28 January 2017

Unexpected visitors

We were planning to go downtown early in the afternoon today, when the doorbell rang. It was the Ticklers, who were bored at home and had decided to visit us... or, more precisely, they wanted to see little Wolfie. They stayed here most of the afternoon. We did not have the heart to kick them out and they were so very cute anyway. So we fed them, we showed them pictures of Wolfie, videos of Wolfie, they were shocked when they saw pictures of beers I took for this very blog (as it is against the rules in the Wolfie booklet), but we mainly let them be in awe with our son. It was unexpected and got us late in everything, yet it made our Saturday. Although we also had to text the mother of Blonde Tickler as she had no idea where her daughter and her friend were. I am actually surprised they gave us such visit so late since we moved into our new home back in July. They had promised to visit us lots. I guess now they might.