Wednesday 18 January 2017

The Tea Explorer

I was recently blogging about the exotic nature of tea. Well, it seems that David's Tea was thinking the same thing, because the recently launched their feel good collection which has among them a package called the tea explorer. That would fit exactly my state of mind. I know you cannot judge a tea by its box, but the camel and the Middle Eastern colours just make me want to try them and make my mind travel to faraway places. In the dreary, gloomy weeks and months ahead, I could do with a healthy dose of feel good drinking and a bit of exoticism. With some of their new tea mugs, because they look so darn cool and we have plenty of room in their cupboards for them. How I wish they had shops here!


Nellie said...

What a lovely picture featuring your favorite tea!! I think of you and that baby often! Sending good wishes to all!

Guillaume said...

Thank you! That is really sweet.