Monday, 23 January 2017

In time to see the otters

Sometimes one gets lucky: I just finished watching this year's first episode of BBC's British wildlife program Winterwatch. I nearly missed it. I was doing some house chores when my wife told me she just saw on the TV schedule that it was. So I tuned in. it was way into it and I only half watched it, as I often do as house chores have to be done, but all the same, I had time to see the otters. I love otters, they are one of my favourite wild animals here in the UK. I don't think they are the star of this particular show (they are featured more in Springwatch and Autumnwatch), but it's nice to see these little fellas all the same. (Side note: I took this picture in Derbyshire in an otter and owl sanctuary, as I thought it would fit this post's topic.)

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