Friday, 13 January 2017

Of beers and curries

I do not follow this British Friday tradition religiously, but sometimes we do have as our Friday meal a curry. This was the case tonight. I just poured some cheap curry sauce in a pan with Quorn chicken (my wife being vegetarian) and some vegs. I like making curries as they are dead easy for the lazy chef (like myself). But cheap and easy curry or not, having a curry it means I had to accompany it with a proper beer: something that fits a curry but that actually has flavour. In Indian restaurants, all they seem to offer is overpriced lagers. So instead, I had this beer from Mark & Spencer. It is a pale ale, but the kind of beer that goes with a curry, or so they say. It was an ok beer, easy to drink and all. But I hope I can find a darker ale that would suit spicy food next time. Well, at least it was not a lager.

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