Friday 22 January 2010

The worm in the tequila

This afternoon, after work, I went to my local pub. I haven't been in a while and I was missing the place and the drinks. I must have drank half my weight in beer, but it was all real ale, so that's okay. Had I consumed all my weight in beer, then I would have been drunk. I was not expecting to drink that much, but as I ordered yet another half a pint, the barrel was almost empty, and as a generous gesture the landlady gave me what was left in it. So I had a pint for the price of a half. But that is not the topic.

In this local pub, you can buy a tequila shot with the legendary worm in it. The worm has the reputation of having hallucinatory qualities. I don't know, as I have never tried. Somehow, the idea of swallowing a worm disgusts me. The landlady (again) said that she witnessed in the very pub people feeling the alleged hallucinatory effects of the worm. I think this has more to do with common drunkenness than anything else. This urban legend reminds me of a method to get rid of slugs in gardens: you place bowls full of beer around, bowls in which the slugs will sink and die. It might seem cruel, but the slugs will die happy. So does the worm in the tequila, I am quite sure of it.


Unknown said...

Man, it's not an urban legend. That worm will make you drunk like you've never been drunk before.

Not a fun experience.

Guillaume said...

I got to try it before I die (maybe this is not a wise thing to say).