Monday 18 January 2010

Foggy Monday

Mondays are often Hell for me, but even Hellish Mondays can have their appeal. I woke up dreadfully early as usual, when it was still dark outside, but there was a ghostly fog that gave the surrounding and eerie feel. The rest of the day was clear, but on the way back, the fog got back and the view on the train was simply stunning, with the fog blurring light and darkness. I spent the journey back staring outside the window. The words fail me to describe how beautiful it was. I wish I had a camera with me.

Anyway, I will not have to endure the commuting for much longer: I have learned today that my contract for my Monday job will end in mid-term. I couldn't care less when I got the news, as it is not bringing me much, the commuting was getting on me and I was fed up feeling invisible. Then the pupils were angels with me today, even if they didn't know, so it make me feel less eager to leave. When I saw the fog on the way back, I almost thought I would miss commuting too.


VioletSky said...

typical, eh? you get what you want, then wonder if you really want it. then again, you wouldn't want every day to be foggy, would you?

nothing is worth a long commute, in my books.

quedula said...

There is a wonderful description of a London fog in Chapter1 of Bleak House.
I'm sometimes pleased I am old enough to remember one of the last true London fogs. I was up there in February for the Boat Show at Olympia and while there dusk and a thick 'smog' came down. You could see barely a yard ahead. Buses crawled and hugged the kerb.
Then the government bought in the Clean Air act and spoilt it :)

PJ said...

J'ai vu un brouillard hivernal à Ottawa avant Noël. Avec le froid et la neige, c'était tout plein d'atmosphère. J'ai presque regretté à ce moment de ne pas pouvoir jouer à Donjons pendant les vacances.

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Ooh...I too loved your description of the fog! It sounds so atmospheric. Too bad you didn't have a camea...would love to see what you saw! :o)

Guillaume said...

@Violetsky-I guess it can be a pain. Still, it is beautiful.
@quedula-I never experienced London fog. But English, not too polluted fog is good enough for me.
@PJ-jJ'ai pensé la même chose lundi dernier.
@Wendy-Thanks. I might have the luck to take a few pics next time it is foggy.