Wednesday 27 January 2010

A bittersweet farewell?

The Monday after next week, it will be my last day of work in my other, miserable, uber part-time, underpaid, under appreciated, I-got-fed-up-with-it job. I got really fed up with it, way before I went part-time and way before I knew it was going to end. Waking up ghastly early in the morning and getting home late, all this for, well this. It saddens me as I was so happy when I first got the job, I think I had high expectations and thought it could lead me to more. It didn't, and in the meantime I slowly got bitter about the job itself. I say this, and last Monday when I announced to some of the pupils that I was leaving soon, they seemed genuinely sad. This, and the fact that they have been really nice recently, remind me of the things I always loved about the school and will always remember fondly, no matter what. I will certainly miss them, even if I don't miss the rest, and the list that makes "the rest" is numerous. There is:

-The canteen food.
-Many of the colleagues.
-The long train journey.
-The long foot journey after the long train journey.
-The short foot journey between the train station and home which feels worse because I am exhausted.
-The prayers. Seriously. In a public school, it is the preaching and the praying that bothered me more than anything else.

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