Saturday 25 October 2008

Toffee apple

I bought a reduced price toffee apple today at Tesco. I thought it would put me in a Halloween mood, I mean apples are autumn's fruits and so on. I mused about apples here, among other places. I ate toffee apples once before in my lifetime, we had made a recipe from a school book. I had forgotten how terrible that dessert is. You have to lick the sugar on it, because the caramel is so hard you might break your teeth on it. And it tastes like sugar and perfume, like all bad desserts. I had a better souvenir than this of the toffee apple, so maybe it was the Tesco brand, or the fact that this one was getting old. This one, I decided to throw it in the rubbish bin. I lost 10 pence and I don't regret it. On a side note, is this blog getting more and more trivial?


holly wynne said...

Nothing is trivial when written about eloquently. (As you do.) Keep writing, stop questioning.

I've never had a toffee apple. Have you ever had a (cinnamon) candy apple or a caramel apple? I don't know if that's just an American thing, but they're both yummy and seasonal.

VioletSky said...

I've never understood the toffee apple thing. Why bastardize such a glorious fruit that is heavenly all on its own.

PJ said...

Oui, je me rappelle avoir fait des pommes dans le caramel une fois. C'était pas mangeable... Un peu le même genre de mauvaise surprise que les Pop-tarts

Eugenie said...

I thought you were supposed to cut it up with a knife to eat it.

Guillaume said...

Holly-Thank you, I sometimes just wonder what makes an interesting entry. I enver thought this one would be quite popular. Must be the picture. As far as I understand, toffee apples and candy/caramel apples are the same thing. I had a candy apple when I was a child, we made them from a schoolbook, and it was very sticky, but as far as I remember I enjoyed it. Maybe not enough to retry them, until recently. This one was awful.
Violetsky-I do like some apple recipes, it's a wonderful fruit on its own but it makes nice crumbles, cakes (see my wife's entries about Dorset apple cakes) and lovely cider. For me, it's the perfect autumn fruit, so I try to have as much as possible (in different forms) at around that time.
PJ-Dans mon souvenir, j'avais aimé, mais un enfant aime tout ce qui goûte sucré. Je me rappelle comme c'était collant.
Eugenie-So I would break a knife? This caramel was as hard as stone. But the main problem is that it didn't taste very good anyway.

VioletSky said...

I also love many apple recipes, just not the toffee apple thing. Now will check out your wife's recipes.

p.s. I have found, with some blogs, the the seemingly trifling postings get the most responses! So a good mixture is maybe in order. And I am trying to get through the French postings as well.