Friday 3 October 2008

I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper

Well, that's the title of the song, I have no intention to re-marry, especially not a lighthouse keeper, that sounds like a boring job anyway. Okay, I am again referring to something related to A Clockwork Orange, but, but, BUT, I have a good (enough) excuse this time. Erika Eigen is what we could call a one hit wonder, and I feel sorry for her. It seems that the song is taken from this album and its real name is Lighthouse Keeper. She did that song, which got famous because Stanley Kubrick incorporated it in his famous movie and then she faded into celebrity nothingness. Now she is an unknown. And it's not a great song, it's not a brilliant song with brilliant lyrics, but it's funny and enjoyable enough. So I found this performance by Eigen herself on youtube, and we might as well give it a go:


Lindsey said...

This music featured on the Marks and Sparks clothing advert recently

Guillaume said...

I vaguely remember that, but for me it's the song Alex's parents listen to in A Clockwork Orange.