Friday 3 October 2008

An evening of eating and drinking excesses

I am exaggerating by the way, for the sake of a good title. This blog is, after all, called Vraie Fiction, hence part of what I say is fictitious. I did not eat too much (although it was a big meal) and I have no intention to drink too much (I like to enjoy drinking, not be embarrassed by it). As it is that day of the week, and as I try to be a good little Catholic boy (yeah, right), I just had a delicious fish and chips (and this is not the fish and chips I had tonight, it is the one I had weeks ago). It will fill me up and might block my arteries, but hey, I just have that kind of dinner once in a while. My wife is at a party with her colleagues, so I decided to eat something she would find disgusting and drink a little bit of beer and enjoy myself somewhere out. There is an Oktoberfest evening in a pub nearby, I'll have a look there and I might drink a few pints.

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