Saturday 18 October 2008

Can't I take alcohol anymore?

I had a bottle of Green Goblin (I love Wychwood Brewery products, as you know) on Thursday night and I woke up in the morning feeling terrible, as if green goblins have been dancing in my head all night. It makes me feel old, and a bit sad: what if I can't take alcohol? Anyway, I have a pumpkin beer to try and a Hobgoblin waiting for me too. I will drink them eventually, but will wait for next weekend, as I don't want to have the mother of all headaches again when I am back to work.


French Fancy... said...

messed up my first post - what I tried to say was how interesting it is that as we age we seem to become less tolerant to things that once had very little effect.

Me - I used to love drinking wine now and then but these days I seem to have developed an allergy to the sulphites. Champagne, however, goes down a treat.

Guillaume said...

I deleted the other post.

Thanks for commenting anyway. Champagne and other alcohols are supposed to be less toxic than dark ones. Sadly, I prefer dark drinks in general.