Wednesday 1 October 2008

Countdowm for Halloween

Well, it's the first day of October, which means Halloween is in a month now. I will spend the month reading horror stories, watching horror films (when my wife lets me) and overall preparing myself mentally for the 31st of October. I love Halloween, it is my favourite holiday. I love the element of fear and the way the holiday makes us confront them, I love the eating excesses of the season, I love the colours of Halloween, I love carving Jack O'Lanterns (oh yes, especially that). In Montreal, I used to spend ages decorating the flat and carving the Jack O'Lantern. The pumpkins we had were huge, here they are much smaller, sadly. At the top of this entry, you can see one Jack O'Lantern I carved in 2004, at the right some Jack O'Lantern done by my brother a few years ago and at the bottom left the one I made last year here in England. I always wanted to put them on this blog, so here they are. I hope we get a good October month, not too grey, colourful and just chilly enough.

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The Gill-Man said...

YES! The Season is upon us!!!! Wave the Samhain flag!