Sunday 11 December 2022

Ski Run (the board game)

Our family went yesterday to my son school's Christmas fayr. One of the holiday activities we all love. It's great fun, often far more in fact than other bigger Christmas events, albeit too short. So anyway, lots of things were sold to fund the school, second-hand stuff. I found by total chance this board game, called Ski Run. It is also meant to be "the ultimate Skiing Board Game." I did not know there were others. Apparently, it is the compelte board game, there is nothing missing. Even if it did, it cost me £2.00, so hardly a big investment. Wolfie got quite curious about it. I was sold right away: it has mountains as a setting, ski slopes and a yeti! The yeti made me buy it. Anyway, 'tis the season to be playing and this looks like the perfect Christmastime game.

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Lady M said...

It's cute and weird - I have never heard of it.