Sunday 4 December 2022

Crime Novel ('tis the season...)

I cannot believe Christmastime started and I have not given any new reading suggestion, as I usually do. For me, 'tis the season to be reading,as the holidays give me the opportunity to read a lot, particularly crime fiction. And I know I plugged this one back in 2016, but this was late in the season and I thought I would mentionit early on this year so you can have time to get your hands on it. Anyway, there are novels I stumble upon, there are others I specifically choose to read around Christmas. Deon Meyer's Icarus belongs to the latter. To this day, it remains one of my best seasonal reads. For the reasons stated in 2016, among them it gives a new perspective to the holiday, being set in summery South Africa. If you are a bit tired of sugary Christmas stories and would rather have yours with sex and violence, but with character and soul, this is the novel for you.

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Anonymous said...

Deon Meyer rocks. He is great. Happy Christmas Guillaume, hope Santa brings you many books 🥸