Friday 12 August 2022

Books, bookshelves and personality

 I recently read this article from Penguin Books about bookshelves organisation (or lack of) and what it says about your personality. I have come across similar articles in the past and mentioned my own way of organising my shelves in at least one post. For the record, it is mostly by genre, which according to Penguin means that I am cultured, interesting and know about a lot. Well, of course. I also do it by value, i.e. according to how much value specific books have to me. Which means among other things that I am a touch sentimental. Again, that is spot on. But let's not forget that on top of that and to complicate things, I use liberally the "stack n' pack" method, which is just piling one book onto another. I do this especially and specifically for new acquisitions. Which means I don't believe in too much order. That is also a bit true. So anyway, you now know about my bookshelves arrangement approaches. What about yours?

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I organize my books by genre. I do NOT stack 'n pack. When it comes to CDs, however, I organize them by genre AND alphabetically within each genre. Otherwise it takes FOREVER to find the CD I want. I've got hundreds of CDs but nowhere near as many books. I regularly clear out my books. I just took 5 shopping bags full to a charity sale at my local seniors centre.