Thursday 18 August 2022


Something came to my mind recently: is it me, or are ponchos back into fashion or something? You are going to tell me that I know nothing about it and they never were out of fashion to begin with, but I have seen them more, I think, in shop windows and catalogues and so on. Or maybe it is just a false impression I have. I never wore a poncho, except those throwaway plastic ones you can scrunch into a tiny bag and you use when you travel somewhere in case it rains. When I was a child I remember my mother wearing one that looked like an old rug. It was the seventies. Not even a hipster would want to wear that. But my mum always told me it was a great piece of clothes, both comfy and warm. I'm not sure I would like to wear one myself. First, because I think only Clint Eastwood in his prime can look good in it and because I read somewhere that it's not really practical. Anyway, what are your thoughts on ponchos?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Gawd, let's hope those ugly things aren't coming back into style.

Anonymous said...

I'm too clumsy to wear one, I get tangled up in them, but I am rather fond of them :-)