Monday 30 May 2022

A trip to the garden centre

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the nearest garden centre. It might come off as surprising to my readers, as I am a terrible gardener, for one, and there are more exciting ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. But it was actually inspired. My wife was afraid that Wolfie might get bored and therefore difficult. He was enthusiastic. I think he received quite a lot of gardening classes at school recently, as a way to teaching the children about insects, environment and so on. So he wanted to buy everything in there and the most trivial thing was a great artifact for him. We didn't buy nearly as much as he wanted. This reminded me of my own childhood, when my father also liked to spend his Sundays in a garden centre and often dragged us there. But nowadays, gaden centres have more than just seed, soil and gardening tools. In the one we went to, there is a books section, a section for garden furniture, one for local products, etc. It's like a small local shopping centre, but with far less people, plenty of space and much quieter. We might turn it into a Sunday tradition. Not that I want to go every Sunday, just from time to time.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love garden centres! They are especially fun when they are stocked for holidays like Halloween and Christmas!