Friday, 29 December 2017

A subdued post-Christmas blues

I don't know why, maybe it is because I am at home on the holiday, maybe because I am still havingthe longest Christmas holidays I,ve had in years, but I don't feel the post-Christmas blues as strongly as I usually do this year. Because post-Christmas blues is definitely here. As usual, I started feeling it on the 27th. Just not as strongly as I would. Idiscover that there are plenty of things I have not shared yet on this blog: a picture of the fully decorated Christmas tree, Christmas music, Wolfie's many Christmas antics. In fact, I did not blog all that much, too busy that I was enjoying the moment. And sometimes, busy trying to find time to see people. Maybe this is why I don't feel it so much: I need to rest from all the fun. But my brothers are back in Montreal, I will probably not see my godson and his family before we leave and I don't feel excited anymore. So the melancholy is on, albeit weaker than usual.

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