Saturday, 23 December 2017

When I need a Scotch

Yesterday, we invited the family of my godson for dinner so they could meet Wolfie. I had not seen them in nearly two years, my wife for even longer. There was their parents, friends I know from college where they met and fell in love, their daughter of 16 and their son of 12 who is also my godson. The big sister is a beautiful young woman now, tall and blonde and just a bit moody like all teenagers are, but she is still quite warm with my wife and I. For me, she will always be a sweet little girl who loves rabbits. We learned right after the meal from that she has a boyfriend. She simply mentioned it then and there. And I also learned that he has the same name as me and she told me on that of that that this Guillaume (16 as well. wears a cap all the time apparently) has the same eyes as me. I asked my brother Andrew for a Scotch. Thankfully there was some Johnnie Walker Red Label. I never felt like I needed a drink like that. Don't know why. I was expecting that she'd had a boyfriend by now, but learning about it is still a shock. Oh and she had one before but the one before "was not serious". Moral of the story: wouldn't it be nice if children remained children for a little while longer?

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

They grow up so quickly, don't they? Just imagine what you'll need to drink when Wolfie gets his first girlfriend! Scotch won't cut it then.