Friday 14 April 2017

This Good Friday feast that I will not have

As a tradition, this is what I usually have on Good Friday: bagels from St-Viateur, the very best in the world. (Yes they are, read this if you don't know why.) With smoked salmon, soft cheese, onions, capers, tomatoes. Taken one by one, separately as you see it on the top right picture, it may look like nothing, but as a whole, it is a true feast and a most sacred meal.

For years and years when I was living in Montreal, this has been my most sacred meal. I had started doing it here in the UK too, until I got tired of the cardboard donuts they call bagels and stopped... To start again when I brought back proper bagels from home. Well, sadly this year as I have been away from Montreal for a very long time we are out of bagels from St-Viateur. And it's just pointless buying any bagel here. So I have no idea what I will have tonight, but it will not be my Good Friday feast. It is sad, but I made a promise to myself that this will not always be the case.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

such a shame...bummer! maybe it's time to teach yourself to make them!?

Magic Love Crow said...

That is so sad!!! Looks so good!