Tuesday 4 April 2017

Epic stag's head

You remember that I blogged about a month ago about a stag's head in a local shop. Well, this is the one we have in my parents's home, a trophy from one of my father's hunting trips at the Anticosti Island. My mum finds it tacky. My wife finds it cruel. My brother Andrew's ex even asked my dad why he was not ashamed of such trophy. I see their point, to a degree. Hunting does not have the social status it once had. But I can't help finding this stag's head epic. Maybe because I am used to it, having seen it above the fireplace since a very young age. But it is a beautiful, majestic head.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

It could use a jaunty hat, in my opinion. I don't mind stuffed animals. They're dead anyway, so what the hell. Pass the deer sausages.

Magic Love Crow said...

Well, it's a lot nicer looking then the other one!!