Thursday 6 April 2017

"Kiss me Kate"

I thought I would blog about William Shakespeare tonight, because it will be his birthday this month and just because it's always a fascinating subject. A few months ago, I found on YouTube a scene from The Taming of the Shrew I have been wanting to share. Now, it is a fascinating play, maybe a tragedy disguised as a farce and one of the most morally ambiguous in history, but it is also very funny. I find this take on it pure fun anyway, and a great piece of virtuosity. Fun fact: the role of Petruchio is played by Marc Singer. I just cannot believe he could be such good actor. And Katherina is played by Fredi Olster, whom I don't know at all. Anyway, this is a very physical take on the story, the proof that Shakespeare's words are very much alive and kicking. Here the characters wrestle, literally, jump, fight, shout... It is a violent comedy, after all. And when the kiss comes, you feel its strength. Whether or not it was earned, this is up to debate.

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