Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Pelecanos for Christmas

'Tis the season to be reading and this is tonight's reading suggestion for Yuletide: Nick's Trip by George Pelecanos. Okay, so I already plugged the book back in 2014, but I have extra reasons to plug it tonight. Let's say this is a revisited post from yesterday's Christmas. You should read it for many reasons. It is a great crime novel, for one and that is more than enough. Read my previous post for a bit more details. But you should read it during Christmastime because it is set during Christmastime, because the protagonist is called Nick, like Santa Claus, and like the original Saint Nick Nick Stefanos is Greek. Like all proper seasonal story, it has plenty of snowy atmosphere, drinking excesses, naughty and not so nice people and plenty of violence. And tonight, as I was plugging it on my Facebook wall, George Pelecanos himself liked my status. How cool is that? It made my day. Which, fittingly enough, is Saint Nick's Day.

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