Saturday, 17 December 2016

Cold Turkey for Christmas?

I had this beer last year near the end of Christmastime. It was not a very good beer, to be honest. The name fitted perfectly. Although I am sure the Staffordshire Brewery has other products I enjoyed in the past. I guess I am not into blondes all that much. It certainly felt like that drink before you decide to go cold turkey. Which is apparently what I was ordered to do by the Ticklers. You remember the booklet they wrote about Wolfie, the dos and don't to make him happy. Rule number 5 stipulates no alcohol until he leaves the house. Well, I do not drink much since I am a new dad, but I do drink from time to time and I always drink a bit during the holidays, especially seasonal beers. So far so good, but we will receive the visit of one of the Ticklers and her parents for a Christmas Eve meal. So that mean I might need to avoid alcohol. And ti hide the beers I already bought for the next day.

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