Saturday, 17 December 2016

D&Dr for Yuletide

Every year at Christmastime I blog about it: our old yearly Dungeons & Dragons Christmas sessions, which is no longer yearly, as my old group, which includes my brothers and some of our teenage/childhood friends, does not gather every Christmas anymore. Nevertheless, if one has the occasion, 'Tis the season to be (role)playing. If we were still young and responsibilities free, we probably would be playing a game tonight, set during winter, near Yuletide. We would probably be traveling through snowy landscapes, like these Dwarve warriors on the picture here, which was made by Jim Holloway. Except that our chatacters did not make an all Dwarves party, in fact Dwarves were a rarity. We ended our big quest/campaign during Christmastime 2014. We then had a sort of catch up gaming session during my last time in Montreal. I still wonder sometimes what the future holds for our characters and if there will be adventures in snowy landscape for upcoming Yuletides.

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