Sunday, 4 December 2016

First meeting with Santa Claus

Well, we had a very important visitor in our little English village yesterday: Santa Claus in person (or Father Christmas as they still call him here) showed up.We knew that he was supposed to visited the streets, but not where we live because we are a bit remote, in his sleigh. Which I found very weird: there is no snow to sleigh on! well, the sleigh was on wheels and was pulled by a van with plastic reindeers. We did not expect to see him, yet we were walking home after shopping on the high street, and there he was, going down the streets, ready to be greeted by excited children at every corner.

Every child except one baby, in fact: our little Wolfie remained completely indifferent, if not oblivious, to the jolly old man. When we saw him a few corners away, we decided to wait for him... And we waited, and waited. I guess that sleigh is really useless without snow, especially with these fake reindeers. I said to my wife: "If Santa is slow like this tonight, how is he supposed to come on the busiest night of the year?" I think this deserves to be a great unknown line. But hey, in the end, Santa Claus came to us, but then Wolfie was asleep. All the same, it was his first meeting with Santa Claus.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

that's probably the last time wolfie sleeps through a santa visit!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My gawd, that's one helluva-lookin sleigh.

Magic Love Crow said...

How wonderful! That's a funky looking sleigh!